Kindergarten - 5th grade


High Five is Harvest North Muskegon's unforgettable day camp for kids in grades kindergarten through 5th grade. It’s a 3-day experience that's all about worshiping Jesus where kids create their custom adventure with two electives of choice. Electives range from arts & crafts to music and biblical girlhood to boys who learn outdoor survival.


Elective Options


Daughters of the King (Girls K-2nd)

If you are a girl whose heart belongs to Jesus, then you are a royal princess! This week you will experience what it can be like to be true royalty. Being royal is more than nails and tiaras … but that’s super fun too, so of course we will do some of that. You will love being treated to a special surprise every day and learn the true secrets to inner and outer beauty.



Sisterhood (girls 3rd-5th)

We will spend time camping out around who we are in Jesus, have fireside chats about how He made us unique, and play camp games. In addition, we will create things to help us know and remember His Truth to overcome the lies we may hear around us.



Man vs. wild (boys k-5)

Get ready to sharpen your senses and take on the Wild.  Learn to decipher secret codes, follow clues in nature, and see if you can solve a mystery on the trail.  Adventure awaits!



VCB Kids

Come join the fun! If you love music, then this elective is for YOU! Come worship the Lord through creativity and expression with music, dance, and art! We will use voices, and creative art forms as we worship God by making music. Learn about what it means to worship God and even create a few musical instruments you can take home with you!



Art Club

Art is inspiring to look at and fun to create.  Come practice your basic art skills to produce awesome creations with other boys and girls!  Sewing, sculpting, drawing, print-making and MORE!  Let's hang out and get creative!



Sports Center

Over-the-top challenges and games…outside…ALL week…EVERY day—You’ll never know what challenge the next day will bring! It’s like gym class on steroids with a daily challenge you’ll never forget it! A change of clothes may be required for some activities!



Mad Science

Everywhere we look, we see the amazing creation of God!  The plants, animals, earth and sky all were created for his Glory!  Join us as we take a closer look into his creation and are amazed at what he has given us.



Confection Connection (new!)

We will be learning all about the recipe for life, focusing on Galatians 5:22-23. Each day we will add a new “ingredient” to our recipe for life. Along with learning new frosting techniques and styles as well as decorating cookies, cupcakes, and cakes.


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Join us and serve


If you serve at High Five, you will receive a discount for your children or grandchildren. The volunteer discount is $30 off, and it is applied to EVERY camper in your family.

  • Junior Volunteers: Students entering Grades 6-10 Fall 2019, no volunteer discount.

  • Volunteers: Anyone entering Grade 11 - Adults.