Your personal testimony is a natural introduction into sharing the Gospel of Christ.  Using the following guidelines will help you develop your own story of what God has done in your life.

  1. You have a story to tell, so tell it! People will marvel when you share much Jesus has done for you. (Mark 5:20)

  2. Ask God to give you insights into how He has worked in your life.

  3. You do not need to be an experienced speaker.  Simply share from your heart about how you have experienced the love and grace of Christ and now want to share that good news with others. God’s power shows up best in “weak” people! (1 Cor. 2:1-5)

To help you as you prepare, read Acts 2223, and 26.  Note Paul’s “before”, “how”, and “after”.  Guide your testimony around these three areas.

Before I received Christ, I lived and thought this way…

  • Spend a brief time on “before.”  This is not a biography from childhood.  It is best to start at a time in life which relates to your experience with Christ.  

  • If you became a Christian as a child, be thankful for the blessings that came with your salvation, including God’s protection.  

  • If you didn’t meet Christ until later in life, you can mention your struggles with sin, but do not dwell on it or glorify it.  

How I received Christ through faith and repentance…

  • Be as specific as possible, but don’t make the circumstances of your conversion the focus. Your salvation is based on God’s work of grace in your life and the promises He’s made, not your experiences or feelings. So, tell of how you came to believe in Jesus and put your faith in Him, and that you repented of your sins. In other words, focus on expressing your faith and repentance in this part of your testimony. 

  • When you speak of your faith in Christ, use words and phrases that accurately communicate your experience, such as “I placed my trust in Christ to forgive me of my sins,” or “I saw my need for a relationship with him and received him as my Savior and Lord,” etc.

  • Mention repentance--how you turned from living for self and sin, and chose that which was better—abundant life in Christ.  Again, use your own words.

Now with Christ in my life, I live and think this way…

  • Explain some of the most significant ways that Christ changed your life, and how He is still changing your life today as your Lord. Don’t create the illusion that all things are perfect, but that He’s doing a work in you and you continue to trust in Him. 

  • Some areas where you may have seen changes are: 

    • Relationships 

    • Atmosphere in the home

    • Bad habits

    • Inner peace & new attitudes

    • Changing your priorities and goals, forsaking idols

    • Surrendering to God vs. being in control

  • Some areas where you are applying God’s word to your life: 

    • Love & forgiveness

    • Fulfillment & peace of mind

    • New perspective on life

    • Freedom from fear

    • Assurance of eternal life

    • Purpose for living

    • Fellowship & sense of belonging

    • Inner strength & witnessing

    • Understanding of others

    • Surrender to God


While it will be helpful to have your testimony written out completely as you prepare, please be ready during your baptism to be able to share your story from your heart.  Your baptizer will know your story well enough to help guide you along.

We recommend that you come to the pre-baptism meeting already wearing the clothes that you will be baptized in during the service. We will provide you with your own special baptism shirt that you’ll receive during the meeting. 

Bring with you:

  • Dark shorts work best (come wearing these)

  • A change of clothes

  • Two large towels 

  • Plastic bag

  • Socks to wear in the water (optional)

  • Hair dryer (optional)

  • Flip flops (optional)

One of the pastoral staff will contact you a few days before to answer any questions, review your testimony, and inform you of any remaining details.

Be in prayer that God will use your baptism in a special way--in your own life, and as a testimony to others of His amazing grace!